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Based upon the varied applications Laboratory Shakers are made to meet each and every shaking/mixing need of sample under specified environmental parameters. We manufacture an array of Lab shakers which include Vortex Mixer, Roller Mixer, Orbital Shaker, Orbital Shake Incubator, Magnetic Stirrer Without Hot Plate, Magnetic Stirrer With Hot Plate, Magnetic Stirrer Multiple, Gel Rocker, Microplate Shaker. The Lab Shaker is used to form a homogenous mixture of ingredient added to the container. The shaker allows mixing of the ingredient under set speed. The sample can be placed in Petri dishes, microtiter plates, micro-centrifuge tubes, conical flasks and others inside the shaker at a uniform platform in the form of a lab shaker table.

Standard Features

  • World class quality materials
  • Employs advanced technology
  • ISO certified and CE marked product
  • Automated device with manual calibration
  • Integrated with speed indicator and timer function
  • Stainless steel construction
  • Power consumption: 220 V
  • Speed: 30-300 RPM
  • Digitally controlled temperature

We manufacture and supply different type of Laboratory Shaker in both standard and customized designs. All products are listed below:

Vortex Mixer

Lab-ShakersThe Vortex Mixer is designed ideally to suit application like enzymatic and RIA assay applications, atomic absorption sample preparation and Nelson's assay for reducing sugars. The equipment is designed to mix liquids via electric motor consists of a drive shaft fixed vertically in the equipment attached with a copper rubber piece mounted, in which the tube can be placed and the liquid inside the tube can be mixed uniformly. The speed of the vortex mixer can be set manually as per the need.


Control Mode

Touch / manual mode


Work on 220 v ac

Mains Input

230V / 50Hz | 110V / 60Hz A.C. Supply


W x D x H: 160 (W) x 190 (D) x 115 (H)

Body Construction

Metal Body


3.0 Kg. Net


0 - 2500 RPM (Variable)

Operation Modes

Touch Or Continuous

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Roller Mixer

lab-shaker-manufacturerRoller Mixer is specially designed for the preparation of blood homogenous. It is commonly used in counting Platelets, RBC, and WBC counts on Hematology Analyzer. It is also used in the preparation of the solution like viscous substances, mixing blood samples, liquid-solid suspensions that need minimum aeration. The mixer can be placed inside the incubator maintained at the temperature of 60°C with humidity levels up to 80% as well as in cold room upto 4°C of temperature.


Parameters Values

Roller size

4 Nos. x 230 mm long


30 RPM/ 36 RPM

Mixing Time

15 to 20 Minutes


2.0 Kg. Net


Container 6 Nos. (4ml) or 5ml x 15 Nos

Roller size

4 Nos. x 340 mm Long


30 RPM/ 36 RPM

Mixing Time

15 to 20 Minutes


2.4 Kg. Net


Container 12 Nos. (4ml) or 5ml x 24 Nos

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Orbital Shaker

shaker-suppliersThe Orbital shaker is exclusively designed for mixing sample used in a variety of laboratory procedures like hybridization, cell/tissue culture, staining & de-staining gels and others. The shaker consist of a uniform platform consist of numerous holder to hold the flask for mixing of samples in the orbital shaker. The speed of the shaker can be regulated manually.


Parameters Values


30-300 rpm

Comes with platform size of

380 x 360mm

Comes with support of

250ml/500ml flask holding clamps

Provides functioning on

220 v ac current


Mild steel finish

Clamps to hold Flask



Mild Steel Construction

MOC Platform:

Stainless Steel Spring Loaded Lotus Clamps To Hold Flask

Speed Control:

By Speed Regulator

Speed Range:

40 To 200 Digital RPM Indication

Flask Accommodation:

49 Flasks Of 25ml Or 36 Flasks Of 50ml Or 25 Flasks Of 100ml Or 9 Flasks Of 250ml Or 500ml

Electric Supply:

Work On 220/230 Volts, 50/60 Hz AC

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Magnetic Stirrer Multiple

lab-Shaker-DelhiThe Stirrer consists of multiple magnetic stirrers used for high speed sample mixing under magnetic field created stirring condition. It can accommodate large number of sample filled tubes at one time to allow preparation of sample in one go. The heating of the equipment is controlled through the energy regulator while the speed is controlled though electronic speed controller.


Parameters Values

Construction materials of paddle

Teflon coated finish

Heating system capacity of platform

2 liter

Power supply.

220/230 volts, 50/60 hz ac


microprocessor electronics support

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It has wider application in research labs in life sciences, wastewater treatment, and biotech research labs and industries like pharmaceutical, food and beverage, etc.

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We are a leading manufacturer, supplier and exporter of high grade laboratory Shakers not only in India but all across the world. Our market cover includes:

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Kuwait, Qatar, Oman, Iraq, Baharain, UAE, Malaysia.

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Maharashtra, Gujarat, Bangalore, Chennai, Coimbatore, Baddi, Rudrapur, Haridwar, Roorkee, Orrisa, Haryana, Manipur, Andhra Pradesh, Assam, Sikkim, Rajasthan, Meghalaya, Tripura, Tamil Nadu, Arunachal Pradesh, Karnataka, Bihar, Goa, Chhattisgarh, Mizoram,Nagaland, Jharkhand, Jammu and Kashmir, Uttar Pradesh, West Bengal, Kerala, Punjab, Uttarakhand, Orissa, Madhya Pradesh, etc.

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